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Portland, Maine, is _________________ the post Henry Waesworth Longfellow spent his early years

As consumers’ response to traditional advertising techniques declines, businesses are beginning _________________ new methods of reaching customers.

The knee is _________________ most other joints in the body because it car not twist without injury

The quince is an attractive shrub or small tree ________________closely related to the apple and pear trees

Many gases including the nitrogen and oxygen in air, _______________color or odor

The American Academy of Poets, _______________the 1930’s, provides financial assistance to support working poets.

During the Pleistocene glacial periods _______________portions of the Earth where plant and animal life flourished, making it possible for people to subsist

The photographs of Carrie Mae Weems, in which she often makes her family members _______________, are an affectionate and incisive representation of the African American experience.

Hubble’s law states that the greater the distance between any two galaxies, _______________ is their relative speed of separation

The onion is characterize by an edible bulb composed of leaves rich in sugar and a pungent oil, _______________The vegetable’s strong taste.

A regional writer with a gift for dialect, _______________her fiction with the eccentric, comic, but vital inhabitants of rural Mississippi.

Relative humidity is the amount of water vapor the air contains at a certain temperature _______________with the amount it could hold at that temperature.

Scientists believe the first inhabitants of the Americas arrived by crossing the land bridge that connected Siberia and _______________more than 10.000 years ago.

Fibers of hair and wool are not continuous and must normally be spun into thread _______________woven into textile fabrics

Margaret Brent, because of her skill in managing estates, became _______________Largest landholders in colonial Maryland.

The Armory Show, held(A) in New York in 1913, was a(B) important exhibition(C) of modern(D) European art.

Ripe(A) fruit is often stored(B) in a place who(C) contains much carbon dioxide so that the fruit will not decay too rapidly(D).

In 1852 Massachusetts passed a law requiring(A) all children(B) from four to(C) eighteen year of old(D) to attend school.

The main purpose of classifying(A) animals is(B) to show the most probable evolutionary relationship of the different(C) species to each another(D).

Matthew C. Perry, a United States naval(A) commander, gained(B) fame not in war and(C) through diplomacy(D)

Matthew C. Perry, a United States <u>naval(A)</u> commander, <u>gained(B)</u> fame not in war <u>and(C)</u> through <u>diplomacy(D)</u>

Matthew C. Perry, a United States naval(A) commander, gained(B) fame not in war and(C) through diplomacy(D)

One of the most impressive collections(A) of nineteenth-century European paintings(B) in the United States can(C) be found to(D) the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Three of every four migrating(A) water birds(B) in North America visits(C) the Golf of Mexico’s winter(D) wetlands.

Charleston West Virginia, was named for(A) Charles Clendenin, who(B) son George acquired(C) land at the junction of the Elk and Kanawha rivers(D) in 1737.

Financier Andrew Mellon donated(A) most of his magnificent(B) art collection(C) to the National Gallery of Art, where it is now locating(D).

Soil(A) temperatures in Death Valley, California, near(B) the Nevada border have been known(C) to reach 90 of degrees(D) Celsius

When(A) the Sun, Moon and Earth are alignment(B) and the Moon crosses(C) the Earth’s orbital plane, a solar eclipse occurs(D).

Mary Cassatt’s paintings of mothers and(A) children are known for its(B) fine linear rhythm(C), simple modelings, and harmonies of clear color(D).

Plants synthesize(A) carbohydrates from water and carbon dioxide with the aid(B) of energy is derived(C) from sunlight(D).

The best(A) American popular music balances a(B) powerful emotions of youth(C) with tenderness, grace(D), and wit.

In the(A) nineteenth century, women(B) used quilts to inscribe their responses to(C) social, economic and politics(D) issues

Fossils in 500-milion-year-old rocks demonstrate that(A) life forms in(B) the Cambrian period were(C) mostly marine animals capability(D) of secreting calcium to form shells.

Rainbows in the shape of complete circles(A) are sometimes seen(B) from airplanes because they are not cutting(C) off by the horizon(D)

Hot(A) at the equator causes the air(B) to expand, rise(C) and flow toward(D) the poles

Although research has been ongoing since(A) 1930, the existence(B) of ESF – perception and communication without the use(C) of sight, hear(D), taste, touch, or smell – is still disputed.

As many as (A)50 percent of the income from motion pictures produced(B) in the united states comes from(C) marketing the films abroad(D).

Sleep is controlled(A) by the brain(B) and associated by(C) characteristic breathing(D)

The walls around(A) the city of Quebee, which was originally a fort military(B), still stand(C), making Quebee the only(D) walled city in North America.

The manufacture of authomobile(A) was extremely(B) expensive until(C) assembly – line techniques made(D) them cheaper to produce.

The ballad is characterized(A) by informal diction, by a narrative largely dependent on(B) action and dialogue, by thematic intense(C), and by stress(D) on repetition.

Eleanor Roosevelt set(A) the standard against which the wives(B) of all(C) United States Presidents since have evaluated(D).

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