Latihan Reading 4

Soal latihan ini adalah soal untuk berlatih mengerjakan soal bacaan secara umum, jadi tidak hanya berfokus pada TOEFL.


The scientific method is a systematic way of approaching and solving problems through observation, hypothesis formation, experimentation, and analysis of data. It is the foundation of all scientific research, and it has been used for centuries to make groundbreaking discoveries and innovations.

The first step of the scientific method is observation. Scientists carefully observe the world around them, noting patterns, behaviors, and phenomena. From these observations, they formulate a question or problem to be investigated. The next step is to create a hypothesis, or a tentative explanation for the observations made.

Once a hypothesis has been formed, it must be tested through experimentation. A well-designed experiment will test the hypothesis and allow for the collection of data. The data collected can then be analyzed to determine whether the hypothesis is supported or not. If the hypothesis is not supported, it may be revised or a new hypothesis may be formulated.

A key aspect of the scientific method is that experiments must be repeatable. This means that other scientists should be able to replicate the experiment and obtain the same results. This is important to ensure that the results are not due to chance or errors in the experiment.

The results of the experiment are then used to draw conclusions and make new predictions. These predictions can be tested through further experimentation, which can lead to new discoveries and innovations. In this way, the scientific method is a continuous cycle of observation, hypothesis formation, experimentation, analysis, and prediction.

The scientific method is not only used in the natural sciences, but also in social sciences and other fields. It is a powerful tool for solving problems and answering questions, and it has led to some of the greatest discoveries and innovations in human history.

Ini adalah kumpulan latihan soal structure, silahkan memilih jawaban yang menurutmu paling tepat. Kamu akan langsung tau apakah pilihanmu benar atau salah, jika kamu memilih jawabn yang benar, sistem akan menampilkan pembahasan soalnya.

Selamat mengerjakan

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