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Pilih salah satu dari topik yang ada dibawah ini, sekedar informasi topik-topik ini adalah topik yang biasa ditanyakan di beberapa kampus di luar negeri, sebagai salah satu syarat penerimaan mahasiswa disana.

      • What does it mean to you to be educated?

      • What is your motivation for pursuing higher education?

      • Describe your reasons for wanting to attend the specific school you’re applying to. Who or what factored into your decision?

      • What has been your best academic experience in the last two years, and what made it so good?

      • If you decide to take a “gap year” between high school and college, what would you do during that time?

      • Many schools place a high value on diverse student populations. How can you contribute to and support a diverse and inclusive student population at your chosen school?

      • Imagine you were just awarded a research grant for a project of your choice. What are you researching and why?

      • What do you love about the subject(s) you selected as potential major(s)? If undecided, share more about one of your academic passions.

      • Discuss a book that you would call a “great book.” What makes the book great in your view?

      • If you could give any historical figure any piece of technology, who and what would it be, and why do you think they’d work so well together?

      • If I could travel anywhere, I would go to …

      • My favorite thing about last Tuesday was …

    Setelah memilih topik, silahkan menulis di form yang telah disediakan dibawah pada bagian post content. Jangan sampai salah dalam menuliskan email, karena informasi mengenai feedback tulisan kamu, akan kami berikan via email.

    Untuk bagian post title, silahkan diisi dengan topik yang kamu pilih.

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